Nikki Frenney-Wiggins
Nikki Frenney-Wiggins, or NikkiFree, is a fashion blogger who totally owns her body, her curves and her style with cool confidence. Nikki launched her personal style blog ( in February 2015 to document her personal style, and to inspire and encourage ladies considered plus size to disregard antiquated fashion rules often imposed on plus size women. Since launching NikkiFreeStyle, NikkiFree has been a part of Redbook Magazine's groundbreaking September 2015 issue that featured non- celebrity, non-models on the cover; and has been named by several fashion magazines and websites as an up and coming blogger to watch, including, and Fashion Bomb Daily. NikkiFree prides herself in promoting fun fashion for women of all ages and all sizes. Owner of The Nikita Consultancy, LLC, Nikki is the Chief Strategist for the firm that specializes in tailored public relations and public affairs campaigns for public agencies and private corporations.