Kadine Christie
We often start bios off with a name, a list of degrees, accomplishments and roles we fill; factors that should somehow summarize us. We are not summaries. We cannot be condensed; to be browsed and consumed in one setting. We are as intricate as the pixels that makes us whole; each of us unfolding daily, not by any means an image of a moment frozen. While I have a name, degrees and accomplishments…. here are a few of my pixels: tiny facets of who I am beneath my name. I love to eat…like really love to EAT food that makes me hum. I pair this of course with a light bodied wine or a drink that is a combination of short, strong and sweet. Libraries are great and all but I love owning my books...I love to actually turn the pages; underline thoughts worth repeating and write my own in the corners. I am my best when I am teaching, learning and creating. I am addicted to color pencils and sharpies and turning old things anew. I have a B.A in Sociology A Masters in Counseling… And where do I use them you ask? At home: homeschooling my three nerve-endings that happens to live on the outside of my body.