Gail Beatrice Williams
Gail Beatrice Williams is the Chief Diversity Officer for Hodges University, in Naples, FL. Gail is a proud graduate of Hodges University Master of Business Administration, August 2001 Certified Diversity Professional (CDP), June 2014, Institute for Diversity Certified Diversity Executive (CDE), in transition- December 2016 Institute for Diversity Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, September 2016, the Society of Emotional Intelligence Gail became the Hodges University Chief Diversity Officer in the fall of 2011. Prior to 2011, Gail held the position of Director of Student Accounts 2000-2011. Gail was the receiptant of the 2012 Diversity Face Award in Education. The award was presented by the D’latinos Magazine and the GulfShore Business Magazine. For the exemplary work being done under Gail’s leadership, Hodges University was the receiptant of the 2012 Insight into Diversity Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award (HEED); this award was given in public recognition of Hodges outstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion. Gail was the 2012 Hodges University employee of the year in recognition of her achievements above and beyond the call of duty. Gail was the 2013 receiptant of the Hodges University Hispanic Institute Promise Award. In March of 2014 Gail was one of the 14 women out of 125   recognized by WGCU as “Women Who Make Southwest Florida,” and received the “Makers Award”. In 2015 Gail became a member of the Hodges University President’s Cabinet. In November of 2016, Gail received a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition, for outstanding and invaluable service to the community. Gail reaches out to various organizations in Southwest Florida including the NAACP; the Council of Hispanic Business Professional; the Hispanic Chamber of SW Florida; Dress for Success; the American Cancer Society; the Multicultural Center of Southwest Florida; the Mental Health Association of Southwest Florida; Youth Haven; Our Mothers Home; Champions for Learning; Raaga Inc. The Southwest Florida Chinese Association (SWFLCA) and the Southwest Florida Human Trafficking Coalition. Gail serves the SWFL community as a Diversity and Inclusion consultant and speaker. Gail serves on the WGCU Diversity Advisory Committee, and is a member of the Harry Chapin Food Bank Action Committee. Gail serves as a member of the Board of Trustees for the Women’s Foundation of Southwest Florida, Darlene and Friends, the House of Gaia and the Philippine American International Society (PAIS).